Setting Up Dynamic DNS For Your Domain


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Seriously stuck with ddclient seeming to have backflipped into the lava since a few days back when the clients tried to update.

FWIW, using ddclient version 3.8.3:

dpkg -l | grep ddclient
ii  ddclient                    3.8.3-1.1                           all          address updating utility for dynamic DNS services

... installed via APT from the Raspberry Pi raspbian buster repository, this:

Markdown (GitHub flavored):
cat /etc/ddclient.conf
# Configuration file for ddclient generated by debconf
# /etc/ddclient.conf


... seems to be working for me:

ddclient -verbose
SENDING:   Host:
SENDING:   User-Agent: ddclient/3.8.3
SENDING:   Connection: close
RECEIVE:  Server: Cowboy
RECEIVE:  Connection: close
RECEIVE:  Content-Type: text/plain
RECEIVE:  Vary: Origin
RECEIVE:  Date: Fri, 04 Feb 2022 01:02:21 GMT
RECEIVE:  Content-Length: 13
RECEIVE:  Via: 1.1 vegur
RECEIVE:  <WAN.IP.address>
SUCCESS:  <>: skipped: IP address was already set to <WAN.IP.address>.

Note the commented out Zoneedit server domain in the conf(ig):


Do not recall / know why ddclient appears to need / works with:


... instead of ...


... but it works.

Hope that helps in some way.
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I understand you are a bit frazzled so maybe forgot

LOLz - yes I am right now. Too many competing priorities!

Thanks for your comments.

I'm not completely stupid with ddclient as I did a PR for the dinahosting section some while ago :)

And ironically this is on Koozali SME server which I help to develop - the system templates configuration files to (try and) save stupid mistakes..... !

So your comments made me go back and check some basics and I finally noticed in the config file that the working version had:


But the failed version had:


I then checked the templates and found that one of my colleagues had inadvertently changed the template!!

Modifying it to 'dynamic' fixes it. Doh. Patched and new rpm in build now :)

For reference, whilst I was messing about I also tried ez-ipupdate. That has a config like this:


I also note there are other endpoints eg generic.php so I guess it is possible to use them somehow. I couldn't properly test ez-ipupdate as it tries to modify the network device which I don't want.

I did try some variations of the URL with ddclient without success. It is not easy trying to find information on using them.

Anyway, thanks for making sit down and rethink the issue!


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Anyway, thanks for making sit down and rethink the issue!

No problem! Glad I could help. Took a little while to document what I had going as I've not touched this stuff for a while but I am very glad it helped. Also found the -verbose option I'd not used before. Very handy!

Can feel quite dis-empowering to be poking a faceless third-party system continuously. Sometimes intimidating to ask for help as it puts us in a vulnerable position. Very natural to get dispirited. The history of BOFH bullies from (hopefully) the early days of the interwebnets, has possibly taken a toll. People have emotions, compuderers do not. Can be a difficult clash!

I think I considered ez-ipupdate as well. Hopefull that config example you posted helps someone who may be using it.

Expect the zoneedit / easydns providers, bless them, could perhaps migrate everything to one single instance / method that works. There does appear to be a few permutations which may not be ideal. Then again, that might break service for existing users. Tricky.

BTW, it seems you suffer from somewhat of a self-bashing habit. Referencing yourself as "stupid". I understand where that instinct comes from all too well. May end up battling it all my life. One thing that can help is to stop doing that. You're not "stupid" merely because you make mistakes as doing so is part of learning so how can that be "stupid"?

Take it easier on yourself by not hurting yourself so much through hurtful, harsh self-reflection to defend against the potential threat of peer bullies. It's their weakness that causes them to judge people, if they do so, not yours. Takes patience and selflessness to help people. Arguably these qualities are not common in some of those hoarding the keys to compudering. They would rather blast evidence of their knowledge, in the least human way, merely to stroke their own ego publicly. They lack the patience to actually present their help in a manner that the recipient can work with.
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