Dynamic DNS Dyn Records not Synchronising automatically with external Name Servers #2


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Today, 10 August 2021 at around 20:00 UTC I noticed that no emails had been received for my CARNEGIE-DIXON.COM domain, although the dynamic ip addresses are updated correctly into zoneedit - I login to ZoneEdit Control Panel and can see that the those updates don't seem to get propagated to other name servers, eg If I log into the control panel, go to edit the dyn records, but not actually change anything, click Next, Click Confirm, and then use nslookup to check the domain resolution, I find that the dyn records have successfully been propagated to other name servers.

I've been using Zoneedit for years and years, (2002-04-16, that's 19 years !!), and it has always worked flawlessly and correctly during that very long time so something has happened/changed.

The Domain concerned is carnegie-dixon.com
I use DDCLIENT to update the dyn records - again used for years and years from

This problem last happened to me back in 2019-09-01 see this thread https://forum.zoneedit.com/index.ph...tomatically-with-external-name-servers.12448/ and was fixed by ZESupport.

Help please !

Thank you


sandy neal

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Hi there.

this may have been caused by an update we were performing on the site.. can you please let me know if it happens again.

thanks and sorry for the inconvenience