Setting Up Dynamic DNS For Your Domain


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Thank you!
My domain is mywebservice(.) it
If I do www.mywebservice(.)it everything is fine if instead I only do mywebservice (.) it gives me error
any name *(.)mywebservice(.) it works
without host does not work .
how should i configure the domain to resolve both ?
Thanks again

I had to correct the post ...
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sandy neal

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you only have a DYN record for the wildcard *
You would need to add another where the host is the @ sign to denote the root domain of


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Already done, I deleted the record with @ for days ago because it did not work! I try again and see what happens ...
Thank you


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I modified zonedit ddns with @ but it does not work.
I also modified the ddns command of Cisco to update the domain
Before it was configured like this:
zoneedit method -
add http: // wwinter2: Authentication <h> & dnsto = <a>
Dialer -
ip ddns update hostname *
ip ddns update zoneedit
and only * worked, not i can ping domain...

changing the dialer to:
ip ddns update hostname (without asterisk)
only the domain works but I can not ping the hosts