Locked out of your account? Help for account access issues.

sandy neal

Staff member
can you please contact us at access @ zoneedit.com you can ignore the auto reply.. the message will make it to our support queue.

Hi there, I'm trying to reset a forgotten password and know everything apart from the answer to question 2.

I've tried all my favourite bands/artists that I could've set but none are accepted.

Is there another way into my account?

Many thanks,


I have emailed access @ zoneedit.com on this . I cannot access my account. I know my username but password cannot be remembered and security check questions do not pick up 2 of my 3 answers.

Please help. Thank you.

Hello there. My name is Kevin and I’m the GIS/IT Coordinator with the Okaloosa County Property Appraiser’s office here in Florida. We use you guys for our DNS servers for okaloosapa.com.

Previous to my being employed here, we had an employee named Jason Watson (jwatson@okaloosapa.com) who was the IT guy and set up the DNS server. Sadly when he left he didn’t leave any sort of information as to how to log in to manage the DNS servers.

I’m wanting to set up a SPF record to help with some of the spam we are getting here, and in order to do that we need to log in to your site, and we don’t know the answers to the security questions that Jason set up for his account.

If we move to another DNS server it would take up to 48 hours to migrate everything, and our site gets thousands of hits a day, so that isn’t really an option. Is there anything we can do to access his account so that we can add this?

I attempted to do this more privately by emailing the address previously mentioned, but they referred me here.

Thank you in advance.

sandy neal

Staff member
hi there

Can you please resend this message to access @ zoneedit.com, atn sandy and we can get to work on this for you


Unfortunately I have forgotten my password for my account Username: dmenace

I clicked forgotten password, and have answered the following 2 questions:

1 What is your mother's maiden name?
2 What is the name of your favourite musician/musical group?

But for the life of me I can not remember what the answer is for my 3rd question which is

3 What is your favourite movie?

How do I go about getting access to my account.


I tried the support page to send request, but it said i needed privacy page support, or something like that. But i sent email to the access email.
I forgot my password, so I proceed with forgot password. At the end of the process I receieve second email with username and new temporary password, but I'm still unable to login using this password. My username is jkrzic.

sandy neal

Staff member
hi there

if that new password still does not work can you please contact me at access @ zoneedit.com ignore the auto response you will receive

Hi Sandy,

Thank you for response. Today it started to work normally. I guess my account was locked somehow.

Thx again and have a nice day.
Hi, I'm looking to regain control of our ZoneEdit account so I can resolve a certificate error. I sent an email to support at zone edit dot com but it said I should comment here. Can someone please assist me in getting control of the account?