PTR records and E-mail


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I have recently been upgrading all of my servers.
In the process I noticed that some of the larger E-mail servers, (, were not accepting E-mail from mine. When I checked out the log it appears that my PTR record was showing my ISP's record ****.public.*.com as opposed to my mail server name.

I have a static IP address.

I noticed that there is no way to set PTR records on ZoneEdit, (at least, not by me). I have been using your E-mail pass-through, (ZoneOut), for a while, but would rather go direct.


sandy neal

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Hi there

PTR records are actually created at the organization that provides you with your IP addresses and/or net block information.
Please contact that organization and ask them if they will provide that service. If not .. ask if they would allow a third party DNS company like zoneedit
to provide the reverse services. If they do..,. you can use the add a domain link on your zoneedit members page to add the net block data. Once the invoice has been paid you can set the PTR records through the DNS settings tab for that net block.