Outlook.com blocking mxc01.zoneedit.com


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In [Case #:1036914925] - Emails forwarded by Zoneedit keep being blocked - sometimes silen... MS Support say:
We have made some needful changes from our end
So far forwarding appears to be working although I continue to have the problem with recently added mailmaps not working. I'll continue to monitor.


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I have email mapping for my website radarz.id.au to several email addresses and it has been working properly for over 10 years. Any problems I have had have been on the ISP end and not Zone Edits.

Over the past few days my email fwd's have been extremely slow. I have emails fwd'd to several places, one being GMail and another to TPG. In the past, I have recieved the GMail mails imediatley and the TPG emails have slow, however I am now finding that ALL emails are being delayed for hours sometimes the next day. Previously to the last few days it was operating as expected.

If I send an email directly to GMail or directly to TPG it gors thru straight away. But if I use the mailmaps it has significant delays.
Is Zone Edit experiencing problems with mailmaps or is there something else going on?
Some time ago I reported some delays with emails being re-directed to my both GMail and TPG email addresses. I have been deep in discussion with TPG re this problem and they have asked me to see if you can see if emails are being bounced from being delivered to tads1981@tpg.com.au. I have mailmaps for radar1@radarz.id.au and trevor.smith@radarz.id.au to both GMail (radarz1981@gmail.com) and TPG (tads1981@tpg.com.au) and they are getting delivered to GMail almost immediately however some emails are significantly delayed to the tpg inbox (some 24Hrs +) and some dont get delivered at all. The mailmap for my wifes mailmap (deidre@radarz.id.au to ds111961@tpg.com.au) seems to be working fine. Please advise.