One of youre IP adresses is on a blacklist ....


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blacklist Blacklisted by BACKSCATTERER
blacklist Blacklisted by LASHBACK

Youre IP

Just to let you know ..

Testresult for

This IP IS CURRENTLY LISTED in our Database.
Please note that this listing does NOT mean you are a spammer, it means your mailsystem is either poorly configured or it is using abusive techniques.
This kind of abuse is known as BACKSCATTER (Misdirected Bounces or Misdirected Autoresponders or Sender Callouts). Click the links above to get clue how and why to stop that kind of abuse.

To track down what happened investigate your smtplogs near 25.08.2015 16:39 CEST +/-1 minute.

You will either find that your system tried to send misdirected bounces or misdirected autoresponders to claimed but in reality faked senders, or your system tried sender verify callouts against our members near that time.

So you should look for outgoing emails that have a NULL SENDER or POSTMASTER in MAIL FROM.

Reading your logs carefully it shouldn't be a big deal to figure out what caused or renewed your listing.

17.01.2015 17:58 CET listed
15.02.2015 22:25 CET expired
28.04.2015 19:36 CEST listed
12.06.2015 16:25 CEST expired
25.08.2015 16:39 CEST listed


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On backscatter and lashback...

We do not believe they are an ethical RBL and do not have the best interests of the overall Internet community at heart. They charge a fee to be removed from their list and as such are in it for the money, not necessarily the protection of mail integrity. You might want to consider reporting the bogus result to the service provider that gave them this information.



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Ah ok. Understand. mmh thats not funny. They try to make a profit doing this. RBL must only put real spammers on a blacklist. Not like this. Okay then i know to :)