Free DNS option not available


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Ik am old ZoneEdit user. I extended my number of free slots with a one time payment back then. I never used more than one though. I’m now trying to add an additional domain using free DNS. I tried following the instructions at I don’t have the free slots line which should allow me to add a free DNS domain. What am I overlooking?

For now I bought some credits and added a normal DNS domain. I don’t mind, I have been using your services for free for years. But I would like to switch to the free DNS variant over time. I’ll use the credits on other useful stuff.

Relevant info
login: JoostBoere
new domain:


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all fixed. did you want set as a free domain and have the invoice refunded?



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Thanks for the fix. I now have the option for free DNS available.
Please change to free DNS.
No need for a refund. I’ll find something to do with the remaining credits.