Email forwarding does not work

Bob D

New Member
Like others have said, emails do eventually arrive after much delay. From the message header it seems like the sending server is having difficulty connected to Zonedit. The received timestamp at Zone edit is many hours after the message creation time. I have tried sending email from various mail servers - all are having the same issues.


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I just registered to confirm I'm experiencing the same issue. I have had dozens of mail forwards configured for years, and none of them are working now. Is this issue being investigated?


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It seems to be working now. I just had over a dozen missing emails pop up. An additional couple of tests shows mail going through right away now.
Fingers crossed that it stays working now.


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sorry Can you please be more specific ././/. alternative email forwarding service?
Yes, in case Zoneedit would have permanent problems what are the best alternative email forwarding services? (Looks like Zoneedit is working now and there is no need to change).