Dynamic DNS Not updating


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The DDNS on the vodafone router stopped updating a couple of weeks ago so to diagnose the problem I have tried updating with ddclient and web url alternatives also do not work

ddclient debug always reports the following even when the time between updates is more than 600 seconds
RECEIVE: <ERROR CODE="702" PARAM="600" TEXT="Minimum 600 seconds between requests" ZONE="www.hotmango.co.uk">
FAILED: updating www.hotmango.co.uk: 702: Minimum 600 seconds between requests

The he following URL update method also runs without success

Is there a problem at Zoneedit ?

Chris Cherry

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Hello msto,

A more up-to-date example of the URL command:


Some suggestions/clarifications:

1. Make sure the "passcode" is your "Dynamic Authentication Token". If you haven't cycled this for awhile, please log into your Zoneedit account and manually Edit the Dynamic DNS record section. You'll see the Token section at the bottom. Click the Reset link and obtain a new Token. Try using that one on your Vodafone router.