Domain status: Expired but is actually renewed


New Member
Our domain,, is currently inaccessible.. meaning URL HTTPS forwarding does not work.
Upon checking the Registration Expiry, it expired last January 27, 2024 (see image below):
Screenshot 2024-01-29 130753.png

But according to our Credits history, we were able to renew it last January 10, 2024.
The domain is renewed until 2024-02-10 with 1 credit (see attached image below):
Screenshot 2024-01-29 130816.png

So our domain should not have an 'EXPIRED' status and should be working.
Kindly check and advise us.

Thank you.

The payments in your screenshot are for HTTPS URL Forwarding, Host Monitoring/ Failover and DNS Zone. None are for renewal of your domain, as we are not your registrar. As depicted in your top screen shot, Tucows is your domain name registrar.