Bug in dyndns


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I just wanted to test a new dyndns update script so I made the following:

I manually added two domain names to the DYN records section.
Both are offline.

I then called
which successfully updated dyn1.test.example.com to

dyn1.test.example.com60 sec192.168.1.10
dyn2.test.example.com60 secoffline

Then I called
which successfully updated dyn1.test.example.com to and ADDED a new dyn2.test.example.com with as the target.

https://cp.zoneedit.com/manage/domains/zone/index.php?LOGIN=example.com shows the following:

dyn1.test.example.com60 sec192.168.1.11
dyn2.test.example.com60 secoffline
dyn2.test.example.com60 sec192.168.1.11

So I have dyn2.test.example.com duplicated.

After calling again
I end up with the correct table:

dyn1.test.example.com60 sec192.168.1.12
dyn2.test.example.com60 sec192.168.1.12

Brad C.

Staff member
Hello, thank you for taking the time to so clearly demonstrate this bug. We've released an update to correct this issue.