Auditing multiple user access to Zoneedit


New Member
We want to be able to audit user access to Zone Edit portal as well as track changes made by each user.
Currently we have just one account used by three users and we wish to harmonize this.

Kindly advise.

Chris Cherry

Mr. Happy To Help You.

You can enable some activity notifications via the "Security" page. Hover over "USER:" in the blue bar at the top, and you'll find it in the drop-down menu.

You can get notifications for:

Login attempts exceeded:
Two-factor authentication disabled:
Domain lock status changes:
Whois modifications:
Nameserver delegations:
DNS updates:

You can also visit the "Preferences" page under the USER menu and enable Activity Logs (near the bottom of the preferences page). Activity logs will show up as another option in the Security section.

Please note: Zoneedit does not have multi-user or sub-user roles at the moment. It might be something we add in the future.