1. A

    Zoneedit support CNAME record for DKIM ?

    Hello, I'm trying to set up DKIM and Microsoft 365 provided me two CNAME records to register in my DNS provider, so Zoneedit. I already add the two records in CNAME type, but when I check in a DNS checker it said "no DKIM found". When I test with a TXT records DNS checker found them but there...
  2. Alex654

    DKIM and DMARK records are not working

    I created them in the new editor following the instructions. However, I cannot verify them to be working. I tried MxToolbox service (it can see the MX and SPF records which were created less than 1 hour ago), and also I tried typing nslookup _dmarc.<my-domain> in my cmd window...
  3. kevindayani

    Adding SPF and DKIM records to my email hosting

    Hi Can anyone assist me in regards to adding SPF and DKIM records for my domain which the emails are hosted by Web Central ( They have advised me because my Name Servers are pointing externally I have to get assistance from Zoneedit or alternatively I...
  4. Neil bottger

    iCloud DKIM Settings

    Hi I am trying to set up a custom email domain within apple icloud for a sub domain of Apple tell me I have to create the following but struggling to see how in the portal on my basic account DKIM: Type CNAME Host sig1._domainkey Value...