URL forwarding -- Error Processing Request

today system url forwarding been error, as following:

Error Processing Request
The domain you are attempting to access uses URL forwarding provided by easyDNS
An error has occurred and we cannot URL forward this request. This may be a temporary error. Please try again later.

please fix it soon!
Dear Sandy,

It seems there is system wide issue with forwarders. I have tried adding a Stealth Forwarding last night which should work there and then. But it didn't. I gave it 12 hours but still no go. I changed the stealth to normal forwarder (URL Redirect) that didn't work either. I had two old stealth forwarders set from couple of years back. I checked them they still work but I cannot set new forwarders (URL Redirect or Stealth Forward).

I am getting the same error - Error Processing Request.

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sandy neal

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HI there

you cannot use STEALTH forwarding to forward to a HTTPS site. Please change then to be regular URL forwards and let me know when complete so I can make sure they load properly


What does not work ANYMORE is using "https" for URL-forwardings.

https:// test.guetlbauer.com

worked till last week. Now I get

Vor├╝bergehender DNS-Fehler. Versuchen Sie, die Seite zu aktualisieren.
(Temporary DNS-error. Try again later.)

Any idea?

URL above (test.guetlbauer.com ) is separated from protocol prefex (https://) because your forum system says otherwise, it's not allowed (spam or so ...)
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sandy neal

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will forward to and resolve at the HTTPS being forwarded to site but you would not be able to visit https://test2.guetlbauer.com
without a certificate for
or a wildcard certificate for
I see. I thought, it worked in the past, but as you wrote, it can't have been working ever, right?

Is there any way, to prevent a pointless error page but at least getting a certificate error and then doing the forward?