ZoneOut (Outbound SMTP Mailout) is here.

Mark Jeftovic (#fb)

Staff member
We have now turned up the ZoneOut - Outbound SMTP Mailout service. Be able to send out email from wherever you are, you can even use alternate ports in case you need to workaround outbound filtering on port 25 (i.e. ISPs and hotels often block you).

Available ports (TLS optional): 25, 465 (SSL), 587, 2025, 2026, 20025, 20026

The following ZoneOut packages are available:
  • ZoneOut 50: 1 Credit / month
  • ZoneOut 200: 2 Credits / month
  • ZoneOut 1000: 5 Credits / month
  • ZoneOut 500: 3 Credits / month
  • ZoneOut 5000: 10 Credits / month
Where the number equals your daily message count.

The help document to set it up is here:

To sign up for ZoneOut, click the Add-Ons link when you are managing one of your domains.

Free DNS Users Please Note: Only legacy free users are able to add ZoneOut at this time. Thanks for understanding.