Zoneedit is Pretty Janky...


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I am posting stuff here because I have no other choice... Along the way, I have encountered bugs and issues that probably shouldn't exist. I am posting here so that I can get what I need and report them at the same time. Needless to say, I am fairly frustrated at this point.

The initial cause is that my device that had the TOTP on it died. No problem, I thought, I have my recovery code saved from Zoneedit. Well...

  • When I try to login to my control panel, there isn't any option to enter my recovery code.
  • I try to go over to support and I have no way of creating a support account so I can't make a ticket. (Why?)
  • I send them an email through "contact us" and get nothing.
  • I manage to login using my password and mashing a bunch of stuff into the 2fa field repeatedly to where I can enter my account, change my domain, but not reset the 2fa token. (Serious bug)
  • I create an account here in the form, and it doesn't work in the support area (I'm guessing it's different)

My last chance is this forum, this is honestly ridiculous at this point...


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hi there
I am sorry to hear of the problems you have encountered. what is a domain name in your account?



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got it just to be sure you do have access correct?

I am not sure why you were not presented with the recovery code option so our Dev crew will be looking into that.

when you were in your account.. did you use the Get Support link , top left, to send in a ticket?

You would have to remove then reset google auth to get a new recovery token

the forum is completely separate...



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I don't have access.

For some reason, if I am on Chrome, I can brute force bypass the 2fa. However, once I am in there, it makes me try to log in if I try to access any account info, support, etc and will lock the session if I try to login again.

I tried in firefox, but it doesn't let me by 2fa.

Neither browser had an option for using backup code.