What do I whant - how do I get it?


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I'm looking for a place/service to help me with DDNS.

My ISP provides me with a dynamic IP, but I need to be able to connect with a static IP or a domain name, and I need to be able to set a port in my adress...

I have a domain name registered with "one.com", I do not need a web-hotell for that domain name - only a way to access my private network.

So I was looking at setting up a DDNS, from/with my router (ASUS 4G-AC55U). It gives me the choise to use your DDNS server.

The simplest, I think... would then be to forward the trafic from my domain at one.com to that DDNS adress? Use a web-forward, an alias or CNAME?

I also would like to be able to type: www.mydomain.se:8080, and be able to connect to my network with this data.

1) Do you have a service that can help me? If so - wich?

2) Also: If you have, can I keep my domain at one.com and in some way (wich way?) forward it to my DDNS hosted by/at your site?

Do I make sence? I'm no expert on webservers/hosting...

/Fredrik W

sandy neal

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hi there

You can use DDNS to update a host record.. say dyn.domain.com to your dynamic IP.... then create a URL forward where www.domain.com points to dyn.domain.com:portnumber



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Yes - thats what I thought.

So - If I do this correct:
I use your DDNS-service and forward my existing domain to the DDNS domain I get from you?

Then: How do I sign up for the right service from you?
You have free service's and not free. What is the differense and wich do I need/want?

I registred on your site - but didn't find where to sign up for the service, or wich service to use... I

Under "Domains" I only read Register domain (Do not need - I already have one...)
The most likely alternative was - Add Zone, but there yopu have three alternatives... Is it any of this I should choose?

Can´t find the DDNS service anywhere...

sandy neal

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hi again.. sorry, perhaps I misunderstood. you need to have your own domain name to use any zoneedit service.

on the add a domain option there is a free dns slot available near the top... you can add one domain for free dns services...

Once its in the account.. on the DNS setings areas there is a dynamc record area,