An Open Letter to Bittorrent and File Sharing Sites

Mark Jeftovic (#fb)

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I recently posted this to the easyDNS blog:

"Since our successful wrangling with another ICANN registrar over the rights of domain name holders and the responsibilities of registrars when transferring their names, we have unsurprisingly become a "goto" registrar for bittorrent and filesharing sites.

I wanted to clarify the easyDNS stance on this because I think the entire filesharing space has a limited time window to position for the future and nothing less than their ongoing viability is at stake.

Firstly, our reason for pushing back against the City of London IPCU has less to do with filesharing or bittorrent itself but rather was more about "due process" in matters of cyberlaw and domain takedowns."

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Hello, Mark,

Yes, enjoyed the blog, and some great points. My favourite anecdote is the take down notice (following the DMCA in the US) sent for a public IP address for a network printer. Some were hoping the Okidata printer had downloaded the Indiana Jones film in question in the form of a "flip book", so that they could at least see the movie. No such luck. In fact, the printer had been idle for several days (they checked the logs) at the time of the alleged art theft.

What surprises me is how many businesses will roll over on their clients and just do whatever the government wants in these and so many other cases. I say the same thing you do: go get a warrant, prove it in court before you suggest someone is a criminal, and don't expect me or anyone else to help you make such an asinine and unfounded assertion. I suppose some Domain Registrars are doing what the health insurance companies did when they "helped draft" Obamacare. "If you like your internet, you can keep your internet".