ZoneEdit Kind of Brain Farted


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Nice job guys. I have a customer who can't get in to their account because 1) They don't remember the password and 2) The registered email is a personal email address of an employee that no longer works there.

and as is the case ZoneEdit brain farted. No support number. No support email address. No way around this. I had to open a forum account to post this. Wow. You guys really didn't much think this thru did you? So how do I get them back in to their account?

sandy neal

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Hi there.

please contact us at access @ and be sure to include the domain name of concern



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Thanks. Now can you delete my unneeded, unwanted forum account? You might want to post that email address and save people like me the unneeded pain and suffering of opening up an unwanted forum account. You also might want to give things you do a little thought.....