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Saw the recent announcement about email hosting but I'm looking for something slightly different and wondering if you offer it. The situation is that we have both a legacy domain, let's call it abc.net, and a newer domain that we want to be the "main" one, let's call it abc.com.

We have a whole bunch of email accounts such as john@abc.net, mary@abc.net, etc... and have created counterparts at the new abc.com (which, sorry, is not hosted here). We no longer need actual separate mailboxes at abc.net, so we want to wildcard forward emails coming in under abc.net to its counterpart at abc.com without having to pay for individual mailboxes for each old abc.net address, but would be willing to pay something for the forwarding.

So effectively I'm looking for an MX that all it does is accept mail for *@abc.net and forward it to the same username @abc.com, without storing it under abc.net.

For clarity, I'm not looking for a catchall that forwards *@abc.net all to a single address @abc.com, but rather john goes to john, mary to mary, etc...


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Hi there

wildcard email forwarding is available on all DNS service levels,., including Free dns.



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Oh, I never noticed that before. From domain overview click on email, then where it says mailmaps. Thanks.