Unable To Transfer Domain Registration From Another Registrar

Good afternoon.

I have a grandfathered ZE account and would like to transfer domain registration from another registrar (1&1).

The domain wicket on my account page only allows purchases, not transfers.

What to do?

Thank you for your anticipated courtesy and cooperation.

P.S. It's hard to believe that ZE Customer support would not answer a pre-sales question that could mean income.

Chris Cherry

Mr. Happy To Help You.
Hello Macario,

You first need to add the Domain to the control panel via the "get DNS for an existing domain" on the "Add a Domain" page which you can find in the left-hand menu. Once you have the domain added you'll see a 'switch registrar' link on the domain administration screen. If you click that link it will start a transfer process.
Good afternoon and thank you, Chris!

My account is very old ZE account and is already maxed-out at five domains.

I'm not able to add any more domains.

Any other ideas?

Thank you for your continuing courtesy and cooperation.


Chris Cherry

Mr. Happy To Help You.
I'll PM you and get the details as to your account username and the domain you want to transfer.