Some Emails are not being forwarded to my account


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I am not receiving some emails from a sender. The sender confirmed with the log below that it was sent. Please confirm Zoneedit forwarded the email. If you have sent it then I know the problem is with my email provider. Thank you for your assistance.

This is the log from your mail server:
Event: success
User: wdpvoipn
From Address:
Sent Time: Feb 2, 2021, 2:34:14 PM
Sender Host:
Sender IP:
Authentication: dovecot_login
Spam Score:
Delivery User: -remote-
Delivery Domain:
Delivered To:
Router: dkim_lookuphost
Transport: dkim_remote_smtp
Out Time: Feb 2, 2021, 2:34:14 PM
ID: 1l6nOR-0006wH-Ai
Delivery Host:
Delivery IP:
Size: 4.19 KB
Result: Accepted


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It seems Bigpond was throttling the connection. We’ve put a shunt in place that should resolve the issue so messages from the sender should begin to go through shortly.


ZoneEdit Support


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Hi Zesupport,

Thank you for confirming that Telstra (my ISP) who operate the Bigpond email service were throttling the connection. I reported to Telstra that I was missing some emails. I started getting test emails from Telstra a couple of days ago. Yesterday, I got a load of emails dated from the last week ago. When I call Telstra for a update nobody will confirm that I have received all my missing emails or that they have stopped throttling the service. The people I speak to say "send a test email to confirm its working". If only it were that simple.

I would appreciate if you could confirm Telstra have stopped throttling my Bigpond as I have lost patience with first level support at Telstra. Please also confirm that "throttling" only delays my emails and that they don't get lost forever. Finally, please explain the technical term "shunt" and how it effects me emails.

Thank you for your help.

sandy neal

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Hi there
yes, bigpond is accepting messages from zoneedit forwarder now. throttling generally means messages are held in queue at the sending mail server.. A shunt server is a temporary mail server with a different IP address that is used for temporary blockages when a primary mail server IP is blocked..