SOA Issue


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When I check a domain hosted by Zoneedit using (& others) I get the following errors:

SOA primary nameserver listed at parentOops! The primary nameserver listed in your SOA record ( is not listed at the parent servers! This could suggest a configuration issue with your SOA record.
SOA serial number formatOops! Your SOA serial number (1604549727) doesn't seem to be in the recommended format (YYYYMMDDnn - where nn is the revision number). This is still OK, however as long as you are keeping track of your SOA version details.

This seems to be due to the following info in the Bind format records:

@ IN SOA 1604549727 3600 600 1209600 300
@ 7200 IN NS
@ 7200 IN NS

Can someone please confirm that the SOA values are ok & if the dns0 item is correct/valid.


sandy neal

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hi there
zoneedit uses an unpublished primary nameserver and we use the EPOCH format for serial num,bvers. Both are perfectly valid methods but not the response the DNS checking tool is expecting.