Setting Up Dynamic DNS For Your Domain

Chris Cherry

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I was in the process of doing so.

I've already tested by using a new Token and removed/added the record but it's not working. Seems to be something on our end. Unfortunately, I'll need to have an admin look at the logs for whats causing the problem as I don't have access to those.

If you need the record up, for now, I'd suggest just setting up an A Record until we have this figured out.

Chris Cherry

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Can you try run this in your browser:

Of course change hxxps to https
replace *token* with your actual token and your IP address for *IP_ADRESS*
trying to post here but says my post looks like spam and I need to contact an admin. Can an admin message me so I can post something?

Chris Cherry

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Worked! So what's with the Java version?

I think it may be an issue with Chrome. I set up a test DNS service and found I couldn't run the script with Chrome properly, but Firefox (the newest version) and Safari worked fine.

- I tried Chrome Incognito mode and regardless of that, it still doesn't work.
- I also noted that Safari has a security option "Fraudulent Sites:" that needs to be disabled for the script to work.
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I can't get any dynamic DNS updates to work either. The javascript client runs but never gives a status and never updates. I've put in DYN records by hand both with the correct IP and a wrong one, hoping to see it update to the correct one. Nothing seems to work. I also tried using a direct https request (this is the current correct IP):


(with "xx" replaced with "tt")

Please help.