setting up a "DNS forward lookup zone"

Hello folks, long time ZoneEdit user first time forum member here. I need to do the following:

"Create a DNS forward lookup zone named
Under it, create the following…
Record #1
Type = A Record
Name = Same as parent folder (blank)
IP Address = X.X.X.X
Record #2
Type = A Record
Name = www
IP Address = X.X.X.X
Record #3
Type = A Record
Name = mdao
IP Address = X.X.X.X "

I cannot find any reference to "forward lookup zone" when logged into my ZoneEdit account. Any help or hints would be truly appreciated. Thank you.


Staff member
Hello. I believe you're asking about setting up A records. Under HOST, add separate records for "@", "www", and "mdao" (without the quotation marks). Under IP address, you enter the IP address you're pointing the host names to.
oh, apparently I missed the part of the instructions where it states I need to enter those A Records for part 1 of the process which is explicitly for *internal DNS* - so not at the ZoneEdit level. Thank you for your response though.