Pointing Sub Dmain to Cloudflare


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We use ZE for our website currently www.cartridgeworld.co.uk and the settings are

@ .cartridgeworld.co.uk - ns17.zoneedit.com along with ns2 and ns6

I have a new site which my developers have added into the A records which is m2.cartridgeworld.co.uk and this will go live in a week or two.

In advance I was wanting to add Cloudflare however my M2 site is on a different server with different IP so just wanting to check if in the NS records I can add two extra records

m2 .cartridgeworld - Cloudflare NS1
m2 .cartridgeworld - Cloudflare NS2

In doing the above it will not affect my existing site and only point the M2 site to Cloudflare?

Thanks in advance for any help or advice.


Chris Cherry

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Hello Gavin,

Adding the "NS Records" for the "m2" sub-domain will not affect any other sub-domains or records within your zone here with us. It will simply delegate m2 over to Cloudflare's nameservers.