No link to add a second free zone

Hi, similar to a post I saw in the forum from another user earlier this month, I believe my account should have 2 free zone slots but when I click the "Add a Doman" button I don't see any link to add a free zone. My account was created in 2011. Is there a button you can press on my account to add the free zone link like you did with the other user?

Chris Cherry

Mr. Happy To Help You.
Hi there,

I've found an account which I think is yours (could be wrong) and updated it to have 5 slots as per the legacy user allotment. If I did not update the correct account, let me know your username (you can send me a Direct Message by hovering over my Avatar and select "Start Conversation").
Actually, I wasn't aware the free zones are for non-commercial use only. Looks like I'll have to pay for it anyway. Sorry for making you go to all that trouble.