New Mail Forwards not Forwarding


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I have had 2 mail forwards that have been in place for many years, they forward to Gmail and continue to work almost instantly. This evening I have added a couple more, as well as a catch all ("*") but no mail I send to any of the new addresses makes it through. They have been in place for a few hours now and nothing I send to any of the addresses arrives.

Is there something else that I need to do to make this work?



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Strange - it seems to work for the new domains if sent from an external email address, and works for both the new and the old if sent from within Gmail.

Either way - it basically does work.

I guess Google have maybe changed something and kept the settings for already existing aliases. I'll investigate.


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Check your spam folder, could be some rule within gmail is scoring the new mail forwarders differently because they are "unknown" or "new" to the system.


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Thanks for your reply Mark.

The most recent change I can find is this:

I'm still don't fully understand it, but both the existing aliases that worked from Google to Google were also 'known' to Google since they were registered with my account, and have been for many years - the new ones obviously not & I can't make them know since they require an smtp server in order to add them.

Anyway, like I said - it works. Any quirks are Gmail ones and not Zone Edit's. Thanks for a great service!

sandy neal

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Hi Chris.
What is the domain name of concern?
There is an issue with mail maps and Gmail. If you are sending message to the mail maps from the Gmail address that mail map is forwarding to then Gmail puts these in a loop and they would not be received.
Does that sound like what you have been experiencing?