Missing Zone in Legacy account


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I have a legacy account with one zone. It appeared in the portal when I logged on just a month or two ago. Today it is missing.
Domain: siliconcurtain.net
Username: CMcCauley7

I tried to add the domain to my account and got an error that the domain is already in the system. DNS lookups are succeeding and my domain records are resolving. Please let me know how to gain access to the zone. I need to add a record.

Chris Cherry

Mr. Happy To Help You.

You have 3 different numbered accounts (meaning the username is the same except the last digit). Only 2 of them have DNS services managed. CMcCauley7 is empty.

Assuming you have access to those other accounts, you can move the domains into one account to consolidate:

Information on how to do so:

If you need help with accessing those other accounts, send an email to access[@]zoneedit.com