Looking for full email support


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Hi, currently I have a free account on ZoneEdit to manage my domain. It works great (thanks!), including mailmaps for email support (forwarding only), so that I can receive emails to @mydomain.com addresses.

However, I would like to pay to have full email support, including the possibility of sending email from my @mydomain.com addresses.

Can anybody please give me pointers, tutorials and pricing in that regard?

In case ZoneEdit does not offer this option, any suggested alternatives that are easy to configure?

sandy neal

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Hi there zoneedit offers full email services in the web hosting packages:

You may want to take a look at easyDNS.com.. they offer three fully qualified domain email accounts. Three are included in their DNS Standard service level at $19.95 per year.



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Thank you for the information.

I need 10 fully qualified domain email accounts. I do not need other services such as hosting (my site is low-traffic and hosted on GitHub Pages) or MySQL databases.

ZoneEdit Business looks a bit overkill for me. 200+ USD per year, I would only benefit from the 10 emails. I will look at easyDNS.com and other options. Thanks again.