locked out by ACL


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I have the right PW and user name but got locked out by ACL. While I am in my home country, I get now the message, that I can not login from here.
=> It worked with the current ACL settings for serveral month, but when I wanted to login today I am locked out.

I tried to reset the account PW (which I can), got the new PW by eMail, but I still can not login into my account, because I am told, that I can not login from my home country. I can not even access the user help, as I can not login to ask them.

Can anyone point me to a solution or where to write? I wrote an eMail at access@zoneedit.com but got no answer so far.

Many thanks for a response!


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I am having the exact same issue. Logged in last night, made a simple DNS change, received a warning email that the account was accessed from IP addresss "nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn" and no further action was required if this was an authoraized change. Today, I am locked out. What is going on???


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Sandy, could you possibly help out? I am uncertain what the issue is and what may have happened, but I need access to my DNS records.

sandy neal

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hi Mayejef1 Please send me an email at access @ zoneedit.com with a domain name or user ID.. please ignore the auto response you will receive



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I have a similar issue. I setup the ACL years ago. Unfortunately I no longer have that static IP block. Is it possible to have the ACL removed?