Live Reader feed

I have set up a Sms Text Platform and premium rate psychic line. I am having difficulty however getting the feed links working
Link 1 is what contains info on reader and whether or not they are online
Link 2 retrieves jpeg photos
Link 1 is an Aspx file
Any help would be greatly appreciated
You taking about the site? I have three lol
Wordpress, go Daddy and Weebly
I have a domain that is set to though
I am at a complete loss with this to be honest

sandy neal

Staff member
that depends on the domain type. At present zoneedit is not a registrar for .uk domains.

what domain types are you looking to transfer and is this for registration, dns services or both?


sandy neal

Staff member
ahh I see is using zoneedit for DNS services.. do you have access to the zoneedit account that holds the domain name?