Issue with CNAME and CPanel entering in an extra period (.)


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Quick question about CNAME and the CPanel.

Zero issues with NS, MX, TXT, which is great.

However, a company I'm working with wants the CNAME name entered in as "autodiscover" and the CNAME value as "" -- but the CPanel complains to me that it's not a valid server name. So, I click on the yellow warning to override it -- but I think the CPanel may be adding in a trailing period so the value entered in is incorrectly "" Again, note the extra period at the end -- which I didn't add and don't want.

According to the company, Microsoft is validating it as correct but DNSChecker isn't even seeing it. Really appreciate any quick feedback as this is for a mail service cutover. Any thoughts? Many thanks in advance!


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Cnames require the period at the end of the address - otherwise, the domain name will be appended to the end of that address.

What is the domain name and I will take a look.