intermittent response from and

Having resolution issues from both of the above servers. This is affecting our domain primarily which is our production domain.

I don't see any notices about know problems at this time. Is there something going on that we are unaware of? Really need this resolved asap as we will have clients coming online quickly and they need to access our sites.

Hi there

at present the zone seems fine. Can you let me know a host record that is not working properly?

Hi Sandy,

The problem started clearing up around 6 am PST today. What we saw was that the IP addresses reported via DNS lookup for and were not the same from one provider to the other.

ns1 was reading as: []
ns2 was reading as: []

Neither server responded with our zone info ( and therefor no lookups worked for our domain.

TTL for both was set to 24 hours at that time

As of around 5:30 am PST we saw those values change to the following IP's with a 5 minute ttl.

ns1 - []
ns2 - []

Assuming your guys made a change this morning to address this???