I paid my bill and you turned off my domain!!!


New Member
Hello Zoneedit..

Is this what you mean by new management?
the invoice was paid in full
then I received a 24 hour notice
so I sent you an email.
no reply and then you disabled my domain.

now my emails are bouncing.

wakey wakey eggs and bacy....
Please turn me back on!!!!


sandy neal

Staff member
HI there

I see a recent invoice for credits but credits cannot be used for domain registrations or renewals. when the Buy Credits option is selected it is stated:
Prices shown are exclusive of taxes, if applicable. Credits cannot be used for domain name registrations or renewals. Domain name registrations and renewals as well as SSL certificate orders and renewals can be done via credit card or PayPal payments only. Most likely this was missed when you made your purchase, unfortunately... Can you please login to your zoneedit account and click the Get Support link and send in a message requesting we use the funds from the recent credits invoice to renew the domain for you,

thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.


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Hello Sandy,

I cannot log into my account as the two factor token is sent to my infodungeon.com email account.
Which has been been turned off. doh! (infodungeon.com) is my primary domain so I would like to get this sorted.

Mail has been bouncing for 24 hours now.