How to configure my domain provider to point to ZoneEdit

I can I configure Hostway to use ZoneEdit for the DNS. I did it a couple of time but it was a long time ago.
What record do I need to populate: A, NX, MX?

The domain will be used for a personal email and few URL forwarding.

Any help will be appreciated

sandy neal

Staff member
hi there

the A record is generally to your web host. Mx to whomever is providing you email services and the NS records.. they would be those of zoneedit but it depends on the service level as to what nameservers should be delegated. what is the domain name of concern?

Hi Sandy,

I simply want to use the web and email redirection on that domain (
I don't need the domain provider host (Hostay) for anything.

sandy neal

Staff member
the way the current zone file on your zoneedit members page as it is presently... seems fine all you need to do now is contact the domains registrar and delegate:

then the zoneedit zone file will kick in and be live.