How do I delete my ZoneEdit account?


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This may be some form of selective blindness, but I can't figure out how to delete my ZoneEdit account. The one domain I was managing in ZoneEdit has been transferred to another provider, and I no longer need the ZoneEdit account.

I could just set the password to something ludicrously long and walk away, but I would prefer to be tidy about it.

Any pointers?

Chris Cherry

Mr. Happy To Help You.

Send an email to access @ (ignore the auto-responder).

Provide us with:

- The username of your account.
- The answers to the 3 security questions in the User Info section. (feel free to copy/paste the questions/answers)

We'll delete the account for you.


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I sent off my request. The autoresponder certainly made it seem that my request would not be actioned! Good thing you warned me to ignore it :)

Many thanks for your help!