How do I create a Sub Domain with ZoneEdit?

I have the same problem:
I have been delegated a subdomain (delegated by, which is not my property and thus managed by another party).
I am however not able to create dns records for using your website.
When I try that, I am prompted to create first, but I have no ownership of that domain
I am only owner of the subdomain
How can I create dns records for this subdomain without owning the topdomain
please send this in to access @ and include your zoneedit user ID and we'll add it for you

Thank you @sandy neal!
I mailed my question just now as you suggested, but I get the following reply: see below.
Could you please pick up my mail manually, because I am stuck in a loop. Thanks in advance!

Zonedit Helpdesk said:
Greetings Zoneedit User,

We have moved to a community support approach for all free users of the

Please feel free to post your question, or review previously answered
questions in The Support Zone:

Creating an account is a snap.

Personalized support continues for paid users, which is any account that
has any paid product such as:

- DNS Zone (premium DNS level)
- Has a domain transferred or registered to Zoneedit as Registrar
- RapidSSL cert
- Any add-on such as backup mx spool or tertiary nameserver

You can upgrade your account by either adding a domain:

Or buying credits which can be used for add-ons or DNS upgrades:

In the meantime, we're looking forward to seeing you in The Support Zone:


The Zoneedit Crew

P.S If you are already a paid user, please use the "Get Support" when
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