Help moving domain registration & DNS to zoneedit

I've gone through "add a domain" "get DNS for an existing domain",, which I own
and which registrar is

Bill Dudley
I couldn't post the entire message, your stupid forum said I had something "inapropriate" or "spam-like",
which mystifies me.

I will try to put in the additional sentences and see what happens.

Next sentence:

I had to purchase a credit.
OK, next sentence: --oops, have to wait 43 seconds more. It's a pity you don't have any help email listed on your web site.

Anyway, next sentence:

I did so with my credit card.
Last sentence that I couldn't post in the original message:

Now what? "" isn't listed under my domains, just the free one I have, "".
Eventually, I found the invoice that I had to pay to do the transfer, but that was certainly non-obvious.
Now, I'm waiting for the transfer to occur.
I think I'm all set.
Yes, all is on track now, but the process was confusing. There were many steps,
and they were not linked together into a coherent process.