Forwarding not working

I have been using zone edit email forwarding service for years without problem, but today emails are not being forwarded. If sent direct to the forwarding address they get through fine, so it appears to be an issue with the forwarding arrangement. Any advice please?
I should add in case relevant, the emails are being forwarded to

Could Bigpond (Telstra) be blocking forwardedemails from zoneedit?


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sorry sandy, this site really confused me. ive probably posted my problem in the wrong spot again... bruce jones.
I too am having bigpond email forwards not working again.
bruce jones

Thanks, it is now working again.
Sadly, all the emails during the black out period have remained missing.
Is that to be expected?



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thankyou sandy. its now working.

what caused the problem may i ask?

can i prevent it occuring again in the future?

bruce jones

sandy neal

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unfortunately no information is provided on why the blocking occurred and there is nothing anyone can really do to stop any mail server from blocking another mail server.. often it is an automated process and surprisingly .. many times its caused by folks complaining on their own messages when someone spams them with forged mail headers.
My email is also now working but will never really know what never arrived. Haven’t received “old” email for over a day now. Forwarding to my didn’t improve however I didn’t really get it alll setup and configured long before the issues was resolved.

sandy neal

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it would be up to the sending mail server.. if it would bounce are stay in queue trying to deliver itself when the accepting server.. accepts it.