Forgot password reset not working


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Hello Team,

I have tried (multiple) times to reset my password so I can access my account.
The forgot password does send me a verification email.
Once I click the link then I do receive another email with my ID and a temp password.
Here is where the problem is, the password that I am sent does not work and I still have no access to my account.

Can someone please assist me with this issue? I really need to make some changes which this issue is preventing.

Thank you for your time,

sandy neal

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HI there

I have responded to your support ticket. Pleas reply to that thread going forward...



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Hello Sandy,

I assume you are talking about where I have 2 tickets correct? Only 1 of those tickets had any reply and all it did was provide details showing me that my password had been changed. I'm not sure how that helps me in this situation.