It's first time I'm using zoneedit dyndns using my domain name associated with my local ip address. Sometimes the access to the website works fine, but the most of the time, the Err_Connection_Refused appears. Which aspects I have to test?

sandy neal

Staff member
oh wait... access to the web site..... not sure if that is DNS related or web server or ISP.. right now the domain is pointing to

and the server at

does not have port 80 open.. the standard web port.

telnet 80


telnet: connect to address Operation timed out

telnet: Unable to connect to remote host
The hard work was detect where the access to my website have been interrupted. I also tested telnet without success. Finally, googling I could enter in my modem configuration panel which was blocked by the ISP. I managed to configure the redirection of requests from the internet to my website, using port 80.
Thanks again.