Email not working

Any emails coming through my domain are not getting to my inbox. I can send an email directly to the destination address and it works. I am with Bigpond. Haven't seen any emails since Wednesday or Thursday. Can someone please look into this?
No not working. What can I do / check from my end?

Starting to filter through, not consistent though. Domain is pointing at & Is this correct?
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somethings not right, I just got an email from 2nd November for an item I ordered online an hour after I got a related email from 8th November to say its been delivered and emails I have sent tonight have not been received.

sandy neal

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its bigpond where you are forwarding some of your mail maps too. they have been blocking our mail servers.. we do a work around etc.. then it works.. they they block us again.... we are in contact and hope we can get a permanent remedy in place. I am sorry for the inconvenience.
I'm on the phone to bigpond and it's not looking promising.
Mind you, at present I am talking to one of their lowest tier robots.
Let's see how this exercise in patience turns out...
After about half an hour, with no solution being provided, I did notice that when using the bigpond webmail site (normally use a pop3 client), that a lot of the missing messages had been put in the webmail Junk Mail folder.
It would appear that anything that comes from zoneedit is automatically labelled as junk.
The fix might be as simple as adding an exception for whatever bigpond thinks is the junk trigger. Pretty hard to do it for every domain/address I have, so I guess I'll manually check the junk folder via the web interface and see what other legit emails end up in there.

Hope this info was useful to someone.
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