Dynamic DNS not working with Google Network Box


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The Google Fiber Network Box has a built in setting which allows it to send it's IP address to Zonedit's dynamic DNS service. I have had this set up for over a year and it has worked just fine. The other day I was no longer able to access (from outside my network) servers I have running on a computer for home automation etc. I checked my Zonedit settings and found that the IP address for my domain is not the IP in the Network Box. I have a suspicion that perhaps it has never worked and that the Network box had not changed it's IP until the other day.

I was never super clear on what had to be in place on the Zonedit end to make sure this worked. On the Google side there is very little to set. Login name, the dynamic authentication token and the domain - that's it. Are there things I can to look for in Zonedit settings to be sure I'm set up correctly?



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I figured it out. In watching the DYN setup video a year ago, I did what they said and created a host called home.mydomain.com
What I didn't understand is that apparently you cannot set up dynamic DNS for just mydomain.com - it requires that you create and use that host. I misunderstood this and had not put home.mydomain.com into the google Network Box, on mydomain.com. Once I did that, it updated immediately. At some point I had created an "A" record and put the Google Box IP into it. Thsi si what allowed me to use mydomain.com for my servers without issue. Google did not change that IP for more than a year, but last week we had a brief service outage and I think that's when they gave me a new IP.

Just to confirm - you cannot set up Dynamic DNS to work with mydomain.com and skip the host creation? There's not a way to get an "A" record to point to the dynamic host?

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