Domain Usage

Chris Cherry

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Hello Aaron,

I can only piece together what I think happened by looking at the logs. The DNS was set to Inactive back on October 25th, 2017. However, if you look at the usage for October 2017, it began to drop drastically on October 13th which is well before the DNS was disabled on our end. This leads me to believe something changed at the registrar level. If I had to guess, the NS records were changed over at Network Solutions (away from ours), which is why our automated script ran on October 25th to disable the DNS service in Zoneedit.

Now, going forward, the DNS services were enabled again on December 8th, 2017. Why the traffic is so low after this, I can't say for certain. I will have our devs check and make sure nothing was wrong with the usage logs for those months on our end.

Chris Cherry

Mr. Happy To Help You.

I've just received confirmation that we did have issues with DNS Usage tracking at the end of the year and into the new year. The problem would have started sometime while your DNS was set to Inactive so you would not have noticed.

The Usage tracking issue was resolved at the end of last week and counts are now being calculated again. Unfortunately, we will not be able to recalculate the counts for the time it was down as the values are time-dependent and we weren’t able to collect the data during the outage.