DNS Stealth URL Forwarding


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I'm trying to do Stealth URL forwarding. I have successfully forwarded www.[mydomain].com. How do I forward [mydomain].com? Chrome figures it out when heading to [mydomain].com, but Edge, Firefox and Opra all show the Zoneedit parked page unless you explicitly put www.[mydomain].com in the address field.


Chris Cherry

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Hello Ken,

You would have to also create a Stealth URL Forward for the "@" host.

From what you're explaining, the @ host is still configured as an "A" Record pointing to PARK. Delete that A Record and configure a second URL forward with the host as @ to the same URL that the www record is pointing.

You'll likely need to allow some time for propagation before you start seeing the forward instead of the parked page.


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Wow, that's super helpful. However, I am embarrassed because I asked before I read the whole configuration page which gives the same information. Sorry and Thanks!