"DNS Ready: OK to Delegate" + No Survey


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This looks like a fairly common topic.

I registered for the FreeDNS service, and configured a domain, just over a week ago.

As far as I can tell everything was working within a few hours but, in the control panel the domain is still listed as:
"DNS Ready: OK to Delegate"

I'm not sure what this means but, is this correct?

Also, I haven't received the "short survey that gets emailed out to you a few days after you sign up" yet. I would like to set up a second domain. Should I have received this communication by now?

I can send the username / domain details to whoever responds via a private message.

Thanks in advance.

sandy neal

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hi there

we are aware of both concerns at present. can you please send me a PM with the domain name of concern. domains delegated but still marked as pending will still function.