DNS for my domain name goes to wrong IP address.


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Edit: Nevermind. It magically started working. Must have been some sort of propagation latency.

I am confused at what is happening here. Zoneedit has been providing completely trouble-free DNS service for so many years that I can't count them on all my fingers. After renewing domain name at Network Solutions registrar the IP address now goes to some unknown location. I verified that ns1.zoneedit.com and ns5.zonedit.com are still the listed domain name servers at Network Solutions. An nslookup of my domain name movesinstitute.org now points to unknown but zoneedit says it should still point to A Record I can go directly to no problem. I can ping the rogue but there is no http. I suspect this is a Network Solutions problem since it seemed to coincide with name renewal but the name server pointers are still correct there. I even redid them thinking maybe I needed to refresh the setting. Does anyone have an idea what might be happening? How can someone else capture my DNS so easily?
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It was likely Network Solutions modifying your NS records to their Expired set of nameservers while your domain was offline. When you renew the domain, the nameservers must be switched back to what they were previously (ours) which means there will be up to a few hours of propagation time you need to wait through.

In these cases, only time will resolve the issue while DNS cache expires.


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Oh, that makes sense because this is the first time there was a slight delay in renewal of the name. Previously it was renewed on time so i never noticed that transitional phase. I appreciate the explanation.