Can't find your old Zoneedit account? Read this


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excellent :) how long after you received the credentials did you have to wait before they worked?
I do not know exactly. Probe immediately after receiving the credentials and it did not work.
After several minutes it occurred to me to try again and it worked ... it had already passed more than 30 minutes ..

I am needing to shift the domain administration from a user no longer with Animas schools (possibly to be under the login of Animas Help Desk which is tied to the email of I have made the changes necessary with the registrar to add the to the nameserver delegation. Please let me know when the administration change has been made so that I can make some DNS updates that need to be in place for a website upgrade. Thank you!

sandy neal

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hi there

I am sorry but this needs to be done in a support ticket. Can you please reply to our existing ticket ID
Ticket ID
99226 or send in a new message to access @

make it attn Sandy please...



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Hi Sandy,
I recently moved from ADSL to Cable internet so as my wan ip address. I tried to login to my zoneedit account and update the wan ip for my domain but unsuccessful. And I can't reset my password as my registered email address is on that domain. Appreciate if you could advise me how I can get my password reset? Or how I can recover my access to the account?
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sandy neal

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Hi Skywatcher, please contact us at access @ and include a domain name in the account.. please ignore the auto response you will receive.